The Story of Focsi {fox-cee}


We started Focsi in 2007! Back before Natural Hair and Afros were trendy. Before the “Natural Hair” movement. Yes, we’ve been around going on a decade, and we’re still here! 


Focsi {fox-cee} 

Focsi is the feeling before the bass drops. Your favorite hook. A place where the nostalgia lives. Focsi is the riddem, house, and hip hop songs that made the car rock, the windows shake, and the walls sweat. Focsi represents that time when everything was possible. Your first crush. The first time someone saw you like really saw you while falling in love. That moment you realized and embraced who you are. Then wished you could stay and be that forever! 

About Us

Focsi {fox-cee} was founded in 2007 by couple Erika Parker-Smith and Jamual P. Smith. Focsi is an eclectic art lifestyle brand that features bold, fun, illustrations that merge influences from the African Diaspora, Old School Hip Hop, Classic Black Beauties, and Pop Blerd cultures to artfully create home/business décor, accessories, and apparel. Combined with the underlying inspirational message and reminder: You Are Beautiful Just As You Are (YABJAYA); Focsi serves as a mirror for women, men, boys, and girls to embrace their shared global African roots.

Focsi is a constant reminder that women are Queens, Goddesses, Givers of life, and Slayers of badassery who are often imitated, duplicated, but unparalleled in all of what they are.

Erika is a strong and educated woman with an everlasting entrepreneurial spirit. She has a BA in English from George Mason University, an MFA in Creative Writing and MS in Instructional Design and Technology from Full Sail University. Also, author of children’s book “Miya’s Hair Day” and has been an Informational Technology Consultant for 18 years. Erika and Jamual have three beautiful children together: Xavier, Rawan, and T’Challa Parker-Smith. Erika is the powerhouse behind the Focsi Brand as the Founder and Art Director.

Creative Illustrative Designer, Jamual found his passion for art in 3rd Grade. He took his passion to Syracuse University to earn his degree in Illustration. Jamual has worked with popular brands such as Adidas, Boost Mobile, Puma, Up Against The Wall, Brood Soda, the National Black Caucus, and more. He is the artistic mastermind who gives each of Focsi design life.

Focsi is UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK and UNAPOLOGETICALLY AFRICAN because they love who they are. In the spirit of Dr. James Smalls, who says, “We are the best of our ancestors!” Focsi embodies and thrives off of those words. “We are the best of our ancestors!”

Focsi is a family business inspired by love and positive imagery and at times a bit of sass and snarky wit.

Jamaul & Erika Smith