We started Focsi in 2007! Back before Natural Hair and Afros were trendy. Before the “Natural Hair” movement. Yes, we’ve been around going on a decade, and we’re still here! 


Focsi Is….

Focsi is dope AF!

We’ve been thinking about Focsi a lot lately. And we’ve spent the last 9 years trying to be something we are not. Focsi is so many things.

But what Focsi isn’t is nice, PC, safe, cliche. 

What Focsi is DOPE AF.

No, we don’t sell $15 or $20 t-shirts. Why? Because You are better than that. You are worth it. Who else is doing what we do? What we’ve done? No one. 

Nope, we don’t rock! We freaking strut. We glide. We skate. We ROLL.  We are eclectic. We are nerds and geeks. We introverted and extroverted, mostly ambiverts. Ultimately, We are love. 

Over the years, we’ve been told to quit. To stop doing what we do. People steal our designs and sell hot merch with FOCSI designs, why? Because Focsi is a mirror. A reflection of all that is fly. A reminder that women of the African Diaspora are Women, Queens, Goddesses, Givers of life, First of Your name, and Slayers of badassatry often imitated, attempted duplication, but unparalleled in all that we are. 

Focsi was started because Erika was looking for herself all those years ago, and she couldn’t find it. It wasn’t out there. So she teamed up with the most talented artist and illustrator she knew, Jamaul Smith, to make that shit happen! So, here we are all these years  with life happening all around us, going from business partners to life partners with 3 children later, still going strong.

Most importantly: Focsi is UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK and UNAPOLOGETICALLY AFRICAN. Why? Because we love who we are. We are proud to be who we are. We in the spirit of Dr. James Smalls, who says, “We are the best of our ancestors!” Let that thought marinate for a moment. “We are the best of our ancestors!”

We are here because we love our sistas and the brothas who love them, US. Y’all are amazing, beautiful, tough, soft, vulnerable, varied, interesting. Y’all are EVERYTHING. We do it for the love. We need more love. We need more positive imagery and art.

That’s Focsi!

Jamaul & Erika Smith